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Aircraft Services

Aircraft Services

The Cleveland Jet Center is committed to the other customer in private aviation, the pilots and crewmembers. Pilots will earn Bravo Rewards Points and will also enjoy the plush amenities designed with crewmembers in mind. No request is too large for our highly trained staff to accommodate.

  • Discount fuel prices
  • Quick Turns
  • Secure hangar, facilities and parking
  • Concierge service – hotel, transportation, dining and entertainment arrangements
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Rental cars on-site
  • 26,500 square foot heated hangar
  • De-ice Type 1and 4 capabilities
  • NATA Safety 1st® certified Aircraft Support Technicians
  • UVair FBO Network Jet A and AVGAS
  • UVair FBO Network Contract Fuel available
  • Bravo Rewards – the nations #1 refueling incentive program for pilots
  • Two WSI weather stations with flight planning
  • Pilot’s lounge with two quiet rooms and full bath
  • Courtesy crew car
  • 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland
Cleveland Jet Center
Cleveland Jet Center

Safety and Training

NATA Safety 1stThe Cleveland Jet Center’s premier training program uses NATA’s Safety 1st as a cornerstone and each team member is required to complete additional proprietary training in both Line and Customer Service segments of the business. The Cleveland Jet Center requires all Aircraft Support Technicians to be trained and examined on all procedures including; towing, marshaling, fueling, customer service and other miscellaneous procedures. These safety programs enhance safety and service by emphasizing the knowledge and skills required of aviation line personnel and assure their competence through objective testing.

The goal of The Cleveland Jet Center is to provide all of its employees with a group of uniform training procedures. With this goal in mind, the results will be highly trained and safety oriented personnel. Aircraft Support Technicians will receive initial as well as recurrent training. The mission to recruit highly motivated personnel and indoctrinate them with rules, policies, and procedures that will allow our employee’s to be number one in safety, job performance, professionalism and, as always, customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with, safe, professional, and efficient service. The key to providing these services is to develop employee’s who will perform each task with safe yet professional attitudes. To develop this attitude, we have a training curriculum which places safety as the top priority.