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~ Runway Progress


We are excited to announce that the CGF runway will be open on Saturday, July 1st at 7:00 AM and will remain so until 10:00 PM on July 6th. Please check NOTAMS and call 216-261-8800 if we can be of any assistance. We’re eager to see airplanes arriving and departing once again!

Short-Term Hassle. Long-Term Value.

CGF’s lone runway 6/24 is currently under construction, preventing any fixed-wing aircraft from using the airport until it re-opens on July 1st. Please click on the calendar below for more details about the July construction schedule. Rotor-wing aircraft may still use CGF.

The Cleveland Jet Center will remain open in order to answer questions, schedule future arrivals, and provide the full menu of Concierge services, per normal. Please call 216-261-8800 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

We regret that this short-term hassle interrupts your plans, as we want nothing more than to serve as Host to your Cleveland experience. We are pleased, however, that at the completion of this project the runway will be brand new and lengthened an additional 400 feet to 5,502 feet. Your safety is our priority, and a longer runway will go a long way toward providing a seamless experience from touchdown to takeoff. We realize many coming to Cleveland would prefer CGF as their gateway in order to attend The NBA Finals, visit family and friends, conduct business, and experience all that this great city has to offer! We are honored that many of our clients consider us to be an indispensable part of their Cleveland experience, and we look forward to serving you again in the very near future!

Aaron Thayer – General Manager Cleveland Jet Center

Click here to view the Cuyahoga County Airport | KCGF runway closure schedule.